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APPLYThe Ohio Association for Healthcare Philanthropy is firmly committed to providing meaningful opportunities to expand your knowledge, enhance your skills and help establish professional relationships that will support you throughout your development career.

We are living and working in challenging times where words like downsizing, right sizing, and reengineering are having a major impact on all our budgets. We invite you to apply for one of the scholarships sponsored by OAHP. This is one of the many advantages of an OAHP membership.

The OAHP Board encourages all members to consider applying for one of our association's scholarships. Winners of the OAHP Scholarship, Paul Ireland Scholarship, W. Bruce Evans Memorial Scholarship, and Eleanor Jones Internship will be announced at the annual meeting at the spring conference. Awardees will be able to use the scholarship from August 1, 2019, through August 30, 2020.

The scholarship committee is led by Tracy Dennis.

If you are interested, please complete the online application by August 1.



OAHP Scholarship ($500)

The award is to be applied toward registration and lodging expenses for OAHP Fall or Spring Conferences.

  • 2018 - Michele Mueller, Magruder Hospital Foundation
  • 2018 - Vondea Sheaffer, The Village of St. Edward
  • 2017 - Tracy M. Dennis, Lake Health Foundation
  • 2016 - Debbie Boggs, RN, Mount Carmel College of Nursing
  • 2016 - Jan Chambers, Barnesville Hospital Foundation
  • 2016 - Kristine Frankenberry
  • 2016 - Lauren Henry, Wayne HealthCare Foundation
  • 2015 - Cathy Jones, Highland District Hospital
  • 2015 - Tracy Dennis, Lake Health Foundation
  • 2015 - Kelly Snyder, CFRE, Madison Health Foundation
  • 2015 - Deanna Kindell, Wilson Memorial Hospital Foundation
  • 2014 - Debbie Boggs
  • 2013 - Kathleen Scarbrough, UVMC Foundation


Paul Ireland Scholarship ($500)

The award may be applied to costs relating to attending the OAHP conference, CFRE credentialing, or other programs approved by the Board.

  • 2017 - Joanne Spoth, The Breathing Association
  • 2015 - Chris Norman, Memorial Health Foundation
  • 2014 - Kathy Krumlauf, Hocking Valley Community Health Foundation
  • 2013 - Bonnie Faulkner, Wilson Memorial Hospital Foundation


W. Bruce Evans Memorial Scholarship  ($500)

The amount of the award is established annually by the OAHP Board. The award may be applied to costs relating to attending the OAHP conference, CFRE credentialing, or other programs approved by the Board.

  • 2018 - Lynn Weita, Mount Carmel Foundation
  • 2015 - Kristin Broadbent, Lakewood Hospital Foundation
  • 2014 - Heather Sherwood, The Christ Hospital Foundation


Eleanor Jones Scholarship ($500)

This is awarded to a development professional with less than two years experience as a fundraiser. This award is to be applied toward registration and lodging expenses for attending OAHP conferences.

  • 2014 - Ryan Crocker, Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy
  • 2013 - Laurie Labishak, OVHS&E/East Ohio Regional Hospital


Kelly Snyder Memorial Scholarship

In honor of long-time member Kelly Snyder, an anonymous donor provided a scholarship to cover the tuition of OAHP's 2019 Spring Conference.

  • 2019 - Lisa Zellers, Aultman Foundation












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