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The Ohio Association for Healthcare Philanthropy (OAHP) seeks nominations for the 2020-2022 OAHP Board of Directors. We are polling our members to assess their interests in serving on the board. The application deadline is Monday, February 24, 2020.

Feel free to forward this info to your colleagues who also might be interested.

Benefits of Board Directorship

Serving on the OAHP Board provides you an opportunity to:

  • Build your network and contacts with leaders in health philanthropy
  • Develop your career and enhance your personal resume by including your leadership capacity and community volunteer service.
  • Impact current and future health care philanthropy issues.
  • Express yourself and be creative while offering your opinion on solutions to improve membership value.
  • Have fun accomplishing things together with professional colleagues.

About the Board & Time Commitements

OAHP is governed by a Board of Directors elected from the membership. The Board defines the mission and develops the course of action for the organization to accomplish the mission.

Board members are responsible for the following:

  • Join and actively participate in the work of the Board.
  • Ensure that OAHP’s activities and transactions are advancing its mission.
  • Take care of OAHP by ensuring prudent use of all assets.
  • Ensure that OAHP obeys applicable laws and regulations; follows its own bylaws; and adheres to its stated purpose and mission.
  • Provide written and/or oral input on information and analysis distributed by OAHP between meetings of the Board of Directors.
  • Routinely participate in conference calls 1-2 hours every other month (monthly or every other week when needed for conference planning); one or two on-site meetings lasting 2-4 hours.

Board Roles

  • The President shall have all powers and shall perform all the duties common and incidental to that office, including the authority to execute any authorized contract, conveyance, or other instrument on behalf of the Organization. He or she shall prepare the agenda for the meetings and preside at all meetings of the Association. He or she shall appoint standing or special committees as may be required. He or she may also perform such other duties as the Board of Directors may from time to time designate. The President may only serve one term in this office, but may serve on the Board in other capacities.
  • The President-Elect shall assist the President in the performance of his or her duties and shall assume the duties of the President in his or her absence. The President-Elect shall perform other duties as may be required by the Board of Directors. The President-Elect must have served one full year on the Board of Directors prior to being elected to this position.
  • The Vice President of Membership, with the assistance of the Regional Representatives and Members at Large, shall be responsible for the continuing program of membership recruitment and retention among those interested in and allied to hospital development activities. The Vice President of Membership will be responsible for referring questions concerning categories of membership to the Board of Directors for clarification.
  • The Treasurer shall have all of the powers and perform all the duties commonly incident to and vested in the office of treasurer and specifically he or she shall render a report of the Association’s finances at the annual meeting or whenever requested by the President or Secretary. This report shall include an itemized account of all receipts and disbursements upon request. The Treasurer shall ensure annual reports and financial statements, such as tax returns and other documents as required by law, are filed.
  • The Secretary shall have all powers and perform all duties commonly incident to and vested in the office of the secretary. Specifically, he or she shall attend all meetings of the Board of Directors, regular and annual meetings of the membership, and when directed by the President. The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping and preserving the books of the Association and distributing the minutes of the proceedings of all such meetings. The Secretary shall assure that all notices are given in accordance with the bylaws. The Secretary shall serve as chair of the Scholarship Committee.
  • The Regional Representatives shall serve as a representative of their elected geographic area by promoting membership and programs. Each shall be responsible for duties assigned by Vice President of Membership and/or others on the Board of Directors, including scheduling and attending regional networking meetings for OAHP members.
  • 3-5 Members at Large, two of whom may be Associate Members, shall serve as representatives of the membership as a whole and promote membership and programs throughout the state. Each shall be responsible for duties assigned by Vice President of Membership and/or others on the Board of Directors, including scheduling and attending regional networking meetings for OAHP members.
  • The Immediate Past President shall serve as chair of the Nominating Committee.



Please complete this interest form by February 24, 2020.

Nominees should be willing to serve a two-year term beginning with the 2020 OAHP Spring Educational Conference on April 3, 2020.

Please note: you must be a current member of OAHP in order to serve on the Board. If you have questions regarding board terms or membership standing, please contact Jacquie Skrzypiec by emailing or calling 330-329-2472.


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